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APEROVOLANTE side table​

An aperitivo in Milan

APEROVOLANTE is a small individual side table inspired by northern Italy’s pre-dinner tradition of aperitivo. During late and sunny afternoons, Navigli’s canals become a place where people come to meet, drink and eat around a table. This iconic design captures this atmosphere and brings it at home, next to a sofa, on a balcony or a terrace. The most pop looking object of the collection reminds us of the shape of a Martini glass. It is an alternative to standard tables and an invitation for a delightful moment. With the table on a side, and plates, glasses and smartphones kept at a lower height but close distance, the attention is focused on the rest such as relaxing and conversing with friends. When several are used together, its is possible to let every person set the table as they come and create a more natural, authentic space appropriation composed of many APEROVOLANTE.

About the making:

The table is made of steel and welded by Metal Sistem, a manufacturer located near Milan. APEROVOLANTE is available in mat black and other colors on demand.

Fuori Salone 2018, ‘révolutions’ collection presented in Cappellini’s Superloft, at SuperStudio

After living 3 years in Milan, Térence presents ‘révolutions’, a collection of 4 designs inspired by his life in Italy and his international lifestyle between Milan, Paris and London. The public is invited to discover the objects at Cappellini’s Superloft, an ‘imaginary yet real home, cool and eclectic, cultured and elegant […] a proper Superloft, in which the idea is to create an International home’.


The collection includes a side table APEROVOLANTE, a vase TULIP winner of a Red Dot Award 2018, a candle holder SERA and a coffee cup BOCCIOLO. The name of the collection is a reference to the circular geometry of each object conceptually generated by a 360° revolution, conveying each object its minimal and timeless aesthetic.


Each design has been a long and amazing journey made with Italian Master Craftsmen and manufacturers. Many visits, discoveries of tools and materials were made in order to infuse the objects with the indescribable essence of the Made in Italy.

r é v o l u t i o n s – general description

These objects are meant as tools to inspire our lifestyle: the BOCCIOLO coffee cup enhances the flavor experience at home or in an office, APEROVOLANTE is a small individual side table for aperitivo. It has the iconic shape of a cocktail glass and it is designed to offer more space for the legs. Its small size stimulates the discussion while keeping close to hand plates, glasses and smartphones. SERA is a candle holder with a detachable wax catcher used to guide guests after leaving the table and letting them pursue their experience. TULIP is a classic yet contemporary vase offering multiple ways to display a bouquet depending on the effect wanted.

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