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SOPRATUTTO is the project of a washbasin designed for Flaminia, Italian brand of ceramic sanitary design. The washbasin is designed for homes, offices and hotels and uses modularity to consider different users heights and allow customization. It is very functional and has three ‘rings’ to place objects on. Its natural colors, extracted from morning and evening landscapes make it a poetic object, pleasant in any sort of bathroom. Those landscapes are extruded around the washbasin, to remind the old rotating manufacturing process of ceramics. Its icon is a deer, inhabitant of the forest and testimony of these ever changing landscapes, colors and emotions. With SOPRATUTTO an architect can quickly design a hundred different bathrooms for a hotel, democratic bathrooms for offices, or even colorful and sculptural ones for homes. The top module is realized in ceramic and the ones beneath exist either in metal with metal rings or polycarbonate, with wooden rings.

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